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Who are we?

We're an auto-title loans company based in San Diego, California. We're a local company and have always operated within the city. We're proud of our city and being able to serve its people.

What do we do?

We provide easy, quick and convenient auto-title loans. After observing the marketplace we realised there was a great need for a stream-lined, hassle free title-loans company. So in 2011 our company founder, the young La Jolla, California entrepreneur Robin Lidell, launched us with the aim to help our customers unlock their auto equity in a convenient and quick way that would be win-win for both parties.

We would win by having you as a valued customer and you would win by unlocking your tied up cash, fast!

More About Robin Lidell

Our Founder Robin Lidell is a La Jolla, California native-born in 1988. He attended USCD where he majored in finance before launching our company. So far it has been our pleasure to enact Robin’s vision and help our customers obtain the finance they need.What Makes Us Unique? Why should you choose us rather than our competitors? In a nutshell, we bring the entire package to the table. We bring world-class customer service with a streamlined, quick and easy application and approval process, combined with the assets needed to provide you with the cash you deserve for almost any kind of vehicle.

What We Don't Do

Please note we are not a car loans company. We do not offer auto loans for new cars, we offer cash loans based on the title of your already existing vehicle. These loans are designed to help you out in a cash-crunch, or to finance something you need to take care of quickly and easily.

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